No Place Like Home – The Hanover Road Trip!

by | Nov 14, 2015 | Events, News

Back in 2014 a group of VW California owners got together for a camping trip to Hanover and a tour of the two factories where the campervans are made.

Hanover Factory TourYou can see the photos by clicking here – but better still, we’re planning on doing it again in 2016. So, if you’re a Cali owner who’s up for an adventure please drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll add you to our guest list.

The story of our road trip was covered by VWT Magazine and appeared in Issue 21 – there is a brief extract below, but you can read the full article by following the links at the bottom.




Words and photos © James Wallace/ VWT Magazine

VWT Magazine“The next day was the big one, and an early rise saw everyone poised and ready for the main event – the VW factory tour.

Pietro from VW CV UK had been in collaboration with the Hanover press office for months, and had worked tirelessly to grant us access inside the hallowed grounds of the Transporter factory.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to get really up close and personal with our cameras (we’d imagine to prevent us showing any rivals how and why the T5s are so well screwed together), but it was still a unique opportunity to witness the magic that happens within the walls where the T5, Caddy, Amarok and Porsche Panamera are slotted together.

“Upon meeting Pietro, just outside the factory gate, we were ushered inside and given radio headsets, told the ground rules (any sneaky photos and your camera will end up as part of a T5 in the parts press!) and introduced to our guide for the visit – long-term VW employee, Hanover resident and former Yorkshireman, Terry Forgarty.

“He explained how, in 1956, Transporter production was moved from Wolfsburg to Hanover, following the unprecedented success of Ben Pon’s initial sketches for a Beetle-based Van.”

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