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Selling a VW California Campervan

No matter how much we love our Volkswagen Californias, one day it will be time to say goodbye. Yes, it's true and nothing lasts forever -- but before you rush to place that ad and move on to greater adventures (and maybe newer campervans), please take time to read our...

European Low Emission Zones

While this may not affect the latest Euro 6 version of the Volkswagen California, it certainly will affect anyone with a diesel powered vehicle registered prior to 2015. This article aims to forewarn our readers of any congestion / low emission zones you may encounter...

Campervanning Post Brexit

While we still do not know definitively what will happen post our withdrawal from the European Union, the way we travel into the EU from the UK will almost certainly be subject to change.According to the Schengen Border Regulations, passports must have been issued...

Buying a Volkswagen California

The VW California in its many incarnations is undoubtedly a remarkable vehicle that will provide years of adventure and unparalleled fun. However, regardless of this there will still be things you need to be aware of when considering your purchase. This in-depth six...

The VW California British Destination Guide

In celebration of 30 years of the VW California campervan, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK have created the ultimate guide to campervan travel in the UK - a downloadable PDF to the top 30 places to visit in the UK, as chosen by California owners. This fantastic...

Winter Travel in a VW California

Before setting off on a foreign trip during the winter months there are a few things you must research to ensure you are adhering to the particular laws of that country. If touring there might be several different countries you plan to drive through and each country...

Installing a Bike Rack

Our friends at California Camping headed into London to visit our other friends at Campervantastic, where they got to install a brand new VW T6 Bike Rack onto their VW California Ocean. Watch the video to see just how simple it is.  ...

Top Ten Tips For Campervanning

With half term on its way and Summer holidays already looming, it’s a good time to think about how you’ll handle the loss of home comforts if you’re planning on Camper Vanning this year. Hitting the open road in a camper van is an increasingly popular way to holiday...


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