VW California Ocean T6.1 2021 Starlight Blue Metallic 2.0lt BiTDi 204ps 7 Speed DSG Automatic

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VW California Ocean T6.1 2021 Starlight Blue.

We bought this Camper with loads of extras included, in November 2022 from Steve at Campervantastic. They hire vans and sell vans after about 1 year of use, before buying a new fleet. Shortly after purchasing this van with mileage of 16,694, my wife gave birth to our daughter, and we really haven't been able to use it as much as we'd have liked. The mileage now is 20,949 so infact, we have only driven it about 4,000 miles in 1.5 years, and not even gone abroad, which was the initial plan.

We simply don't use it, and our requirements as a family have now changed as we are trying to have another baby.

The campervan was next to new condition when we bought it, with full service history, and VW warranty until May 2026 or 85,000 miles. You can extend this for a further 5 years before this date.

When we were purchasing this van from Steve, we were debating between an Ocean with no extras or with extras. These are the extras we have included on this van, with original pricing from Steve so we could calculate the value of the deal:

Prices are net of VAT.

£635 Starlight Blue Metallic paint
£635 Drivers Assist Plus pack, includes safety features such as park assist, lane assist and blind spot assist indicator in the mirrors
£415 Heated windscreen and acoustic package, excellent for noise reduction and safety keeping the windscreen clear for winter use.
£145 4-Season Mud and Snow Tyres, these last longer than summer tyres with more tread and have the snowflake symbol for alpine and winter use in Europe as well as being much more practical in campsites.
£135 Mud flaps front and rear
£290 Shower in rear cupboard (not been used)
£605 Discover Media Pro, vastly superior display unit
£120 Safe in wardrobe
£190 Second drawer in rear bench seat and includes roof bed storage net
£260 Upgrade to the darker blue bellows, which we agreed looked fabulous!
£70 Additional rail in floor in rear living area, the one you have shown does not have this, we didn’t discuss the extra seat but this optional extra enables you in the future to add a fifth seat to carry five people which can be super convenient and a selling point.
£385 Chrome Pack, which adds a real touch of style.
£640 Removable tow bar with stability control/trailer assist and can also be used for bike racks and storage boxes etc, this kind of future proofs the campervan for adding new toys!
£2,660 204PS engine, when you are touring with all the gear and especially on European roads this is far more efficient and capable than the smaller 150PS engine which is why our entire Ocean fleet is the better engine and why they are easier to sell than the 150PS and the biggest reason for the price difference.
£329 2 year warranty extension to 5 years/up to 80K miles, really important and useful if you chose to sell it or upgrade in a few years.

So basically including VAT the above options come to £9,016 (worth noting that above prices have increased since we bought this campervan), on top of this we are also including the camping Gas bottle (not been used - we haven't even cooked inside this van yet), locking spare wheel bolt and it has a rear bumper vinyl protector already fitted too, which is about another £300.


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