The Forthcoming T6 California Brochure is out!

Following on from our earlier article about the release of the new Volkswagen T6, we now have some information on the forthcoming California Range…

While we are still awaiting the specifications for the UK market, we managed to grab a brochure from VW in Germany that you can download HERE.

Please bear in mind that this may not be the same as any forthcoming UK models, and as such we are unsure whether the Whitewood interior of the new ‘California Coast’ or the Darkwood finish of the ‘California Ocean’ will be available in this country. As soon as we have more info we’ll be sure to let you know.

The same also applies for other features and engine specifications – as soon as Volkswagen have released the full UK spec we will be sure to announce it here!

The following is a very rough transliteration from the German Website – not being German speakers, we’ve attempted this with a mixture of Google Translate and previously obtained information from the official T6 press release we received last month.

New Design

New Design The new California promises to create a great impression from every angle because the new, sharpened design provides even the most impressive vision, even in the shade. With new headlamps and rear lights with optional high-efficiency LEDs. Making every journey a brilliant experience.

Latest engines with low fuel consumption

New TDI engines

T6 EngineThe latest generation of engines offer particularly low fuel consumption. Thus, a lower average fuel consumption of 6.3 l / 100 km¹ / ² with average emissions of 164 g CO₂- / km¹ / ² possible. It goes without saying that the new TDI engines follow the Euro 6 emissions standard. Other engines will employ this at a later date.

  • California, 2.0 l TDI engine with 62 kW, fuel consumption in l / 100 km: 7.5 urban, extra-urban 5.6, combined 6.3. CO₂ emissions in g / km: combined 164; Efficiency class: A.
  • California, 2.0 l TDI engine with 75 kW, fuel consumption in l / 100 km: 7.5 urban, extra-urban 5.6, combined 6.3. CO₂ emissions in g / km: combined 164; Efficiency class: A.

BlueMotion Technology

BlueMotion Technology is standard on all the new generation of TDI engines with the Euro 6 emissions standard.  The equipment includes: start-stop system, brake energy regeneration and low rolling resistance tyres.

DCC Adaptive Chassis Control

To improve the driving characteristics the optional chassis control can be combined with Dynamic Cruise Control by selecting NORMAL, COMFORT or SPORT modes.


Welcome to the Hotel California

The new cockpit

VW T6 Dashboard

The new high quality interior has plenty to offer. The button layout on the optional multifunction steering wheel leather allows you to easily operate the new radio or navigation system with intuitive touchscreen display.

New “infotainment” systems

App ConnectParticularly innovative are the new infotainment systems: With Car-Net App Connect, selected apps on your smartphone will be mirrored on the screen of the radio system.

Special comfort features also offer numerous online mobile services of Car-Net Guide. The new Volkswagen Media Control enables your smartphone or tablet to work as a remote control for the radio or navigation system.

The new system amplifies communication between your companions in the passenger compartment. And the new mobile phone interface has your smartphone always offers crystal clear reception.

The new interior

InteriorFrom the cockpit you have unrestricted walkthrough access to the living area. The seats with armrests on both sides can be turned by up to 180 degrees for a face-to-face position in friendly company.

The fully functional kitchenette

California KitchenetteHolidaying in the great outdoors makes you hungry – so all the more practical when you can quickly conjure up something delicious on the go. In the new California a fully functional kitchenette is designed for special comfort.

The new bedroom

Seats DownWhen night falls, you can transform the new California in just a few simple steps to a bedroom with up to four beds: two in the “downstairs” on the folded bench seat and two more in the “upstairs” in the pop up roof bed with slatted frame bed with foam padding.


Safety and Assistance Systems

Brake Assist

The standard Brake Assist detects how fast the brake pedal is depressed. The case of reflex or emergency braking the full brake pressure is built up more quickly.

Multi-collision brake

The standard multi-collision brake guides the braking operation to ideally prevent collisions. It becomes active when two independent sensors detect an accident. After a short delay, the vehicle is braked intermittently to 10 km / h, the driver can at any time take control and override this.

ACC Automatic Distance Control

The optional cruise control automatically adjusts the speed of the preceding vehicle while keeping the distance set by the driver.

By means of a radar system, the optional environment observation system “Front Assist” with “City Emergency Braking” identifies critical distance situations and helps to shorten the stopping distance. It warns the driver in dangerous situations detected optically and acoustically and with a brake pressure.

Lane change assistant “Side Assist”

This optional system uses sensors to warn about vehicles detected in blind spots for safer lane changing.

Rear view camera

The optional rear view camera makes parking easier by displaying a picture of the area behind the vehicle on the display of the radio or navigation system. Additional static guides support the parking operation.

Park Pilot

The Park Pilot warns when parking acoustically identified obstacles in front and behind and shows the distance to the obstacle visually on the display.

Fatigue detection

Using visual and acoustic signals, this system detects discrepancies in the driving style and recommends the driver stops for a break.

Fog lamps with integrated cornering

Helps ease fears in bad weather and ensures optimum visibility when steering on a curved road.


This information was retrieved from the German Volkswagen website and as such is copyright Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 2015.

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