Time for the T6?

The end of the T5? The new VW California T6 & Euro 6 Compliant TDi Engine

We have received a lot of messages for info about the forthcoming T6, so in the absence of any official release from VW we thought we’d share with you what we have gleaned so far – from the latest rumours and from the folks in the know.

In short the new T6 will be about “evolution, not revolution”  and so many things will remain the same for this tried and tested chassis. The base vehicle and chassis is expected to be the same as current Transporter T5, but the T6 will come with a large number of modifications the most striking of which will be a facelift.

The body will benefit from entirely new front with improved wind resistance, new lights and bumpers and side windows to the rear.

The interior is expected to benefit from a completely new dashboard, upgraded and more comfortable seats and of course the very latest options for on-board infotainment.

The biggest change will come in the new Euro 6 compliant engine which all manufacturers have to introduce in to their diesel derivatives by September 2015, offering improvements to fuel efficiency and environmental emissions.

However there is suggestion that manufactures may be given a grace period to January 2016 to comply with Euro 6 legislation. For us Cali buyers we can expect increased power up to 230ps and improved fuel efficiency by some 15%.

But the biggest change will be addition of Blue, an additive that has to be topped up at the fuel station, when required. This will consist of an on-board 15 litre tank that once filled up will be good for approximately 8,000 miles before needing topping up again. So what happens if you run out of blue, well the engine management system will reduce the power and you’ll be put in limp mode until you get to a fuel station and get topped up.

Many stations are now advertising Blue in the forecourts so don’t panic everyone’s in the same boat. The addition of Blue is nothing new and was first brought out in the earlier VW Crafter engines and HGV/haulage companies also use it. The purpose of this additive is to improve air quality by reducing the harmful diesel emissions.

See here on VWCV’s website for details: https://www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/about-us/brand-news/2009/200905-latest-blue-crafter-vans-demonstrate-green-credentials

As for the price, we still have no details but you can bet it’s going to cost more and as such residual values on older models will remain buoyant as demand increases during the changeover. So what might we expect next? Well there should be an initial launch in the Spring 2015; dealers have been told to prepare for a June event which could mean an unveiling.

However it is anticipated that the first VW California campers will not be available until September 2015 and if that’s the case then for the UK it’s more likely to be early 2016.

The excitement is palpable as dealers and buyers ready themselves to secure orders of the current model before the changeover. So if your want a Cali for Summer then best get your order in now as an announcement has already gone out to secure orders by the 27th February 2015 to ensure supply in time for the season.

It will make for an interesting six months in the height of the buying season as dealers get to grips with supply and demand! Current production times for a California have recently increased to 19 weeks. To search for your nearest VW California specialist dealer check out the dealer map here  and don’t forget to read our new online buyers guide.

So that’s about all we’ve heard other than a completely new Volkswagen Transporter T7 isn’t anticipated until 2020. So our advice is grab a Cali now while you can as the T6 is still some way off the forecourts.

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