VW California SE TDI 180 PS7 Auto 2011 52,000 miles - Excellent Condition

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Contact Andrew Tomlinson
West Midlands, West Midlands
£ 39,500
July 2023
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VW California SE TDI 180 HP BK11ZDY Mileage & Repair Work History
@ 12/05/2023 51,882
@ 01/06/2022 50,806
@ 01/06/2021 50,806 (SORN)
@ 01/06/2020 50,806 (SORN)
@ 01/06/2019 48,741
@ 01/07/2018 45,404
@ 01/03/2017 42,339
@ 01/05/2016 39,412
@ 01/05/2015 35,779
@ 01/05/2014 28,708
@ 03/01/2013 22,378

The vehicle was purchased as an ex-demonstrator from Volkswagen Van Centre (Birmingham), first registered 28/03/2011. Ownership was transferred from Mr. M. Collison to Mrs E. Collison on 01/11/2021.

The vehicle has lowered suspension and a fifth seat (removable) fitted by Volkswagen Van Centre (Birmingham). It also has a VW four cycle rack on the rear door fitted by the same company.

It was always serviced by Volkswagen Van Centre (Birmingham), always stored fitted with a cover when not in use and regularly run and driven around the storage location when not taxed. Full history available.

A roof corrosion issue was rectified under warranty in 2017, there has been no re-occurrence of the problem. The roof lifting mechanism was overhauled at the same time, a new wiring harness fitted and is fully functional.

A vandalised tinted side window was replaced 2021.

A new main battery was fitted in 2020.

Two new leisure batteries were fitted in November 2021.

The owner has been working overseas for eight years and no longer requires the vehicle for summer vacations.

Extra Features

i) Factory fitted lowered springs (1,980 mm o/a height).
ii) Factory fitted 5th seat (removable).
iii) Factory fitted VW cycle rack for four cycles.
iv) Full set of Brandrup carpets from new.
v) Front seats rubber VW mats.
vi) Full set of waterproof seat covers + head & armrest covers.
vii) Pull-out canopy full side panels (long side, end with door, end with window) with support poles.
viii) Pull-out canopy partial side panels.
ix) PARA-GON insulated external windscreen & driver/passenger window cover.
x) Raised roof weatherproof cover.
xi) Raised roof window side covers.
xii) Internal windscreen and side window sprung curtains.
xiii) Mosquito screen for side door.
xiv) Mains power cable with UK square pin and continental electrical supply connections.
xv) Silver internal screens all around.
xvi) Storage pockets.
xvii) Levelling ramps for parking on sloping ground.
xviii)Thetford portable toilet.
xix) Large groundsheet for pull-out canopy.
xx) Cover for when stored.
xxi) Camping stove (Butane)

All of the original mattresses are in good condition.

The two collapsible chairs, two camp stools and table top are in as new condition.

The break-down kit is complete with spare bulbs, tyre sealant canister, high-vis jackets, over-trousers, etc.


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