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Time for the T6?

Time for the T6?

The end of the T5? The new VW California T6 & Euro 6 Compliant TDi Engine We have received a lot of messages for info about the forthcoming T6, so in the absence of any official release from VW we thought we’d share with you what we have gleaned so far - from the...

Van Life (video)

This amazing video was submitted by one of our Facebook followers - how brilliant is this?  

California Video

Everyone at was grinning wildly over this. Especially considering we're all off to Hanover next month...  

The European Low Emission Zones

Now while this will not affect modern VW California owners in the UK, it may affect you if you are travelling in Europe or have an older vehicle. In some areas it may even apply to passenger cars. Therefore, if you are planning a motoring holiday in Europe it's...

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